Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some more info on MMT!!

Take a look at this site!! It's a social network that pays you ...

You will be paid
- Every time you chat with others
- When people visit your pages in MMT
- Play music from a database of 250,000 songs
- Get Paid each time you send or receive MMT's emails!
- Every time visitors watch a video on one of your 40 pages
- when you add videos on YouTube and other channels
- Create a blog
- Write a few words on a BLOG
- When people play legal games on your site
- Introduce others to this new concept and receive a very generous monthly income and revenue sharing from advertising plus a fantastic residual income too!!

Here is the link...

My blog:

The link is the social network which is FREE. The compensation will start in the next week or two. In the meantime, start networking and getting to know people. Pick me as your friend and we can work together with a group of fun and hardworking individuals!!

Any questions, email me and I will answer them!!

My email address:

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